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Hope u have time on your hands. heres some poems that i wrote and each and everyone means something to me u may read them but please don't use them for your personal use.
They are all copyrighted to my name.


My story begins with this...


When reading these pages

Each poem represents a piece of my soul

Revealing the essence of me

I capture feelings and awake longings

Share dreams wished for and dreams lost

I express moments of strength

Weakness, loneliness and peace

Writing is my lifeline

My savior

My hope when there is no hope

Pouring out my thoughts in each and every sentence

I write for me and I write for you

My words have power

Read and you will feel

I can open many doors

Taking you to places you may never have been before

The unknown can be inviting

And my darkness is quite alluring

Yet fears and frustrations

Desires and fantasies

Are always a common theme

Each story that I write is a reflection of me

A reflection of you

And it may be comforting to know

That in times of hopelessness


And darkness

You are not alone in the feeling

Here are my stories . . .



By Chris

It's 12:32 a.m, and I hate to admit it, but I miss you

I've told myself that I can be strong

But in your arms is where I belong

I picture your face before I fall asleep

And I see you in my dreams

I pretend that you never went away

Because I hope you'll be back someday

I can almost hear you say that you love me and you miss me

But my alarm goes off right before you kiss me.


A Conversation with the Moon

by chris

Moonlight through my window

And falling on my bed,

Keeping me awake,

Despite my tired head.

Playing in the treetops

And skipping through the sky,

Landing on my face,

And dancing in my eye.

I question the moon

And why it mocks me so,

Why it won't let me sleep

'Til the morning of tomorrow.

The moon stares back

Through my window at my naked body,

Somehow chills the air,

And somehow shivers me.

I question the moon

And why it cools me so,

Why it won't let me lie in peace

Beneath the stars' halcyon glow.

The moon hides for me to seek

And dashes behind a cloud,

And answers not my query

But peeks out from behind its shroud.

I question the moon

And why it toys with me so,

Why in its silly little games

I must unwillingly go.

The moon shines bright

And continues ever-strong

To torment and torture me,

To make my restlessness long.

I question the moon

And why it must play at the expense of my night,

Why it won't let me slumber in my comfortable bed.

And the moon finally simply laughing at my worthless life.


A Cry For Help

by chris

If I died alone today,

Would it make a difference what I say?

If I fell asleep, never to awake,

Did I pray the Lord my soul to take?

If I left and was never seen again,

Would you look back and call me a friend?

If I lived my life, just for me,

Just to see how selfish I could be,

Would my friends turn their backs in the end

And never acknowledge I was their friend?

Would I be missed by the people that mean the most,

Or simply fade away... just like a ghost?


A Dream I Dream

by chris

Sometimes, somewhere, one will have a special dream.

My dream is finding one who will cherish me.

I have a special yearning for perfect love,

A love more divine than the Heavens above.

I dream of the warmest touch of the softest skin,

A shiver of passion that comes from within.

As I dream, tears brim my eyes,

For the greatest love through my body flies.

I dream a dream of undying emotion,

Feelings extending deeper than any ocean

To finally expose my fragile wings,

And fly with you to where the angels sing.

But, as I slowly return to Earth,

The sadness begins its birth,

When I realize I'm still alone and cold,

With no one but myself to hold.

My heart will sing on that special day,

When I see you... my heart will say...

There is the one who will capture my heart,

And sometime, somewhere, my divine dream will start.


A Dream of My Somebody

by chris

I long for a companion

One who will be my best friend

And the one I love

I don't know where you are

But I will find you

Once in a while I think

"What if I pass my somebody every day and never know it?"

Quite frankly, I am beyond tired of waiting

I find it so hard to stay happy

Day after unbearable day

With nobody to go to

Nobody to hold me, when I am weak

Nobody to wipe my face, when it is dirty

Nobody to shelter me, when the world has become too harsh

Nobody to kiss, when I am lonely

Nobody to dance with, when a slow song comes on

Nobody to to gaze at, when the world has turned ugly with hatred

Nobody to call on, when I need comfort

Nobody to hold my hand, when I need courage

Nobody to share my secrets with, when friends just won't do

Nobody to bring me up, when I am down

Nobody to hug, when I am cold

Nobody to wash away all my fears, with just the sound of their voice

Someday there will be a somebody

Who will embrace me and tell me to no longer worry

But for right now there is nobody

But I still wait for that perfect day when I will meet

My somebody


A Dream to Dream

by chris

Look deep into my eyes,

And know that I'm for real,

Look closely and see my intentions,

Your heart I want to steal.

Put your heart in the palm of my hand,

Let me show you how much I care,

Allow me to prove that my love is true,

I promise I'll always be there.

May I run my fingers through your hair,

May I feel the softness of your cheek,

May I enter your mind and soul,

May I render you defenseless and weak?

I can love you the way you want,

Trust me with all your heart,

Believe me when I tell you,

My heart aches when we're apart.

Can you feel the power of my simple words,

Reaching out to fulfill your desires,

Can you feel the warmth and passion inside,

As your heart sets afire?

The skipping of your heart beat,

The tingle in your spine,

Examples of feelings I want you to feel,

And I promise you, if you're mine.

This is just a vision of love,

So much still left unseen,

All I ask is one opportunity,

Let me show you what I mean.

Let me feel your body close to me,

Let me hold you in my arms,

Feel my gentle touch of security,

Let me keep you safe from harm.

May I whisper to you softly,

May I say what's on my mind,

May I take this moment to convince you,

That my love will grow with time?

Your smile takes my breath away,

You're worth more than silver and gold,

Your hands are so smooth and precious,

Too perfect to kiss and hold.

Your eyes are warm and inviting,

A future seen with just one glance,

We can experience happiness for eternity,

If we only take the chance.


A Dream

by chris

Something we want

Something we crave

Something we fight to get

Something we die for

Something we long for

Something we will never have

But sometimes that's all they are...

Just dreams

A dream that will never come true

I guess that's me and you


No matter how much I want you

No matter how much I crave you

No matter how much I fight for you

No matter how many times I die for you

I shall never have you

Only in my dreams

Will there be you and me

But that's all it'll be...

just A DREAM!


A Love Shared

by chris

All alone and in despair and don't know what to do,

Two people in love, broken part. Now they're through.

A love so strong, is what they thought they had,

Now each apart separately, both of them sad.

Their dreams together, are now promises torn apart,

Each realizing in life, they must now make a new start.

For dreams don't always turn to wishes, they die and fade away,

And the love that they once shared, turned a dark shade of gray.

Each milestone they now take, must be for the best,

While they set aside their memories, as they lay their love to rest.

A new life will begin for the two of them one day,

And the love they both once shared, has now gone far away.



by chris

Each time I close my eyes

I see a picture

A picture of you and I

Bound together as one

Like paint on canvas

I see the Artist's strokes

Illustrate sensuous curves

Of velvet texture and exciting hue

All in the form of you

The same Artist that painted

The stars on the sky

That gave you a heart of gold

And lips that taste like wine

Yes, the same Artist

That let you be mine

A Story Untold

By Chris

Im sitting here so silent

So silent I could cry.

Im hurting deep inside my heart

And I just want to die.

I have no one to talk to

No one who cares.

Maybe Ill leave this life

Somehow, somewhere.

My life is fading fast

Im turning to the light.

Its a feeling deep inside

That I dont want to fight.

I look for a way

To get out of this living hell.

To tell you the truth

Its a story I dont want to tell.

My eyes are filled with tears

my head is looking down.

You will never see me cry

You will never hear a sound.

I just want to end this madness

And break out of my misery.

I dont want to live this life I live

Thats something you should see.

The world hurts me every day

It wont leave me alone.

Be careful what you say to me

You turn my heart to stone.

You may be the first

The first I might take away.

I warned once before

Be careful what you say.

To you I may be laughing

But its only to hide my tears.

If you keep on causing me this pain

I will be your only fear.

You have pushed me to the limits

To where I cant take it anymore.

You will see what you have caused

When you see me dead on the floor.

To you I may need help

To me I need a friend.

I never meant to hurt anyone

But I wanted this pain and madness to end.

Im looking for an answer

To the questions in my mind.

Why dont you leave me the hell alone?

And stop wasting my time.

I have so much hate inside

And Im not willing to let it out.

Please just go away

So I dont have to shout.

You have to understand

That I have feelings too.

I have tears and emotions

Just like you.

You dont even know me

You just know Im not like you.

Im just like everyone else

I want to be happy too.

If you want to know a secret

Ill tell you I hate life.

Just please be nice to me

I dont want to feel dead

Id rather feel alive.

Questions and answers

Are just a remedy.

It plagues me deep inside

Just like an enemy.

Put a smile on my face

And never go away.

If youre really nice to me

Im very willing to stay.


All my life so confused and so mad

By Chris

All my life so confused and so mad

Living in my dream it's almost too sad

Scared to love and scared to hate

Keeping this promise I refuse to break

Searching for life no one will die

Give me your hand and to heaven we fly

Away from hurt away from pain

All terrible feelings are drained

Life is a game in which we choose to play

Thinking of things to do and to say

Things go from bad to good

Not always turning out how they should

Roll the dice once and then roll them twice

Make your move quick and make it precise

Keep on playing and maybe you'll win

Then your lovely life will truly begin

If you quit because you just can't decide

Well hey, that's like committing suicide

Life is a gift to keep or return

Or in the dark flames of hell do you burn

Life is a star shinning so bright

Yet it leaves me so alone in the deepness of night

The heart keeps beating yearn after yearn

Too many lessons in life to be learned

Living in my dream it's almost too sad

All my life so confused and so mad


All Of My Life

by Chris

All of my life,

I have longed for someone like you,

So warm and tender,

with a love so true.

You light up my life

with each passing day,

Now that I have found you,

I will never let you get away.

The beauty of your smile, and

the warmth of your heart.

The great inner beauty you possess,

is what won me over,

and did from the very start.

As I sit here and think of you,

the memories of how we met

are ever so strong.

You came into my life

at a time I felt so alone.

All of my life I've longed

for someone who would love me,

for whom I am and nothing more.

You captured my mind and soul,

so you, my love, you are the key

to my heart's door.

Each day we are together,

is another day in paradise.

Knowing I've finally

found someone to love me,

surely does feel so nice.

No more lonely days and nights,

for they are gone forever, never to come again.

Since you came into my life,

I have so much love to

give to you from within.

The birds are flying high in the sky,

singing melodies of love found for you and I.

My body, soul and mind

are yours until the day I shall die.

And even after then...

the memory of love we have for each other

will speak to us for all eternity.

And another page of love

will be written in history.

As days go by let's you and I

keep this love we have between us alive.

As the hair on our heads grows gray,

we will look back at these precious memories of love with a smile.

There will be no one who

can take this love away from us.

Because in God and each other,

we will forever put our trust.

All of my life I have dreamed

of a love so true and pure,

like yours.

Now that I have found you,

throughout all eternity this

love of ours will always endure.

I know we both are human

and are prone to make mistakes.

All of our mistakes, we will work through,

for true love is our fate.

I am just a city guy,

from the great province of Ontario,

who loves you so much.

Each and everyday I longed

for your loving touch.

This day I pledge my love to you .

For our hearts will blend into one heart.

You and I will always be

the reality that dreams do come true.

All of my life I have dreamed of you,

Now my soul is at peace forever.

For you are finally here.


Angel of Mine

by chris

Oh my tired Angel, I will become one with your nakedness,

fullfilling every dream you now hold dear to your heart.

I will complete the final thought, song and minute of your life.

I will be there beside you at your final resting place,

sleeping silently beside you as you cross the great division

which now separates us.

I will be smiling and full of joy as you make your way homeward

into heaven's gates and into my arms, until then, I wait for you

-as final preparations are being made for the great celebration

of the spirits, as the last revisions and additions are being made

to the Book of Life, and as the final saints gather remaining lovers

and believers throughout the Heavens.

But until then remain steadfast and content, knowing if a sparrow

cannot fall upon the ground without me knowing, is it likely

you will have hardship or struggles without me knowing of it?

Therefore be comforted, and know I will carry you

when you are tired and weary, have no more strength to stand erect

and when you are unable to move on.

Oh my Angel of Tears I will lift you when you have fallen

from the weight of the day and encourage you forward -onward-

to your final home. When your brittle bones break

and your parched skin cracks with each step, I will feed you

-giving you water for your parched lips- offering you a place

to rest your tired crown when you can no longer find a place of refuge.

Use my wings when you become tired, my feet when yours become sore

from your long and ardous journey, and when the calloused sheath

on your fragile feet are stripped away exposing the windswept bones

which lay naked and blood stained.

My Angel of tears -cry no more for I am near you.

Nearer to you than you know, closer than the tightest garment.

I am a part of your very essence like a sunray eminating

from brilliance of the summer day. I am both your friend and your lover

I will never allow you go to bed without comforting your tired shoulders

and weary mind and satisfying your needs and deepest desires.

I will be that bridge over troubled waters and span the distance

between heaven and hell.

So with each step you take, your precious foot

is placed upon a foundation so great and stable

that an infant could crawl upon its treads and not a scratch would be

left upon its innocent knees. I will guide you...I will show you...

I will teach you lessons which will enable you to find contentment,

courage, hope and happiness in this troubling world and time.

My breath will cool you when you are hot -warm you when you are cold.

My hands will hold yours, my arms will forever embrace you.

You will know I am near and protecting. You will hear my voice

as you stand on the seashore gazing into your future, remembering your past.

My songs will echo against the rocks like a thousand waves

crashing against the shore.

My name will be heard from the highest mountain and lowest point on earth.

You will hear me in your dreams, there I wait for you each night

should your child spirit need my wisdom or guidance.

Sing, laugh, soothe -my song is good, you will know I am here, forever you life......drying your tears-

warming your cooling spirit and keeping you from bitterness' soil.

There is hope my young angel.

For our army is many and our strength is mighty.

Do not cry and feel abandoned though you currently feel disconnected

from the spirit. Your sister walked this journey

before you and learned of their mission. They fought the good fight

and learned those lessons which will enable them to become.

Become a soldier and fellow partaker of the blessings of Light.

Remain steadfast in your present mission and journey, I am beside you.

I am near and stand close to your breast. I lay my head against you,

place my lips upon your shoulders so you might know I am not far away.

Return to me when your mission is complete. Return to your original home

and begin your preparations for the final Celebration of Spirits.

I am Near...



by chris

Sometimes I wonder how this could be

From heaven an angel was sent down to me

Someone must have heard the wish that I made

Or the time that I prayed

for someone to make me happy

that I could keep

and even dream of in my sleep

The way that I feel, only the blessed could know

So tonight I'll pray that my angel will never let me go

and then I'll wish upon a star

for our love to last eternally

And forever we'll be together

Just my angel and me

I'm falling in love

and there's nothing I wouldn't do

Have you noticed yet?

My angel is you!


As I Am

by chris

Search no more

It's right before your eyes

Reach out and grab hold

Don't let the past make you blind

Love me then for who I am now

And who I will become

Embrace me now within your heart

Ask, let it be done

No more darkness, no more pain

No more fear or doubt

Only love and happiness

Let our love come out

Take me as I am

Not who I once was

Take this heart of mine

You have all of my love

Don't be blind, don't be a fool

Don't let this love be banned

I love you with all that I have

Take me, know me, love me as I am


At last I'm wanted, needed, desired

By Chris

Perched on a branch,

Like a pure white dove,

I can see you watching me,

From above.

The adoration in your eyes

Fills me with happiness.

The smile on your face

Takes away my stress.

I feel so happy,

So wanted, so needed, so desired

Because of you

Who I required.

I dream of you,

Every night.

The thought of losing you

Fills me with fright.

Im so happy I have you,

That Ive started anew.

Now that Ive got you,

Theres nothing else I want to do.


Be The First

by chris

Hold me close and don't let go.

But first, wait, there's something you should know.

I've had my share of old flames,

And they all turned out the same.

I've always fallen way too hard,

And left standing with the loosing card.

Never have I walked away unhurt.

So Baby, please, won't you be my first?

Be the first to do me right.

Kiss away my tears and hold me tight.

Don't leave me crying like the rest.

Be my first and be the best.

Leave me always wanting more,

Not wondering what I hang around for.

like me as much as I like you.

Don't just use me as the others do.

Just hold me now and forever more.

Show me the love I've been waiting for.


Before I Dream

by chris

Before I dream

I close my eyes,

and wish upon

a star in the sky.

I wish that I

could find true love,

with the one person

I'm dreaming of.

In my mind

I'm dreaming of you,

but in my dream

you want me too.

I gaze into your eyes

and melt to the ground,

but this time

I will not be found.

But here you are

in my dream,

you are the only one

who could ever find me.

You have found me

in my dream,

the halo above your head

is almost blinding.

My angel has come

to show me the way,

through the darkness

of yesterdays.


Before You Go

by chris

Here is a little something

That I thought you might like to know,

Your kisses were intoxicating

They left a certain after-glow.

You have made my heart sing

And even made me smile,

I will remember you always

Well maybe for a little while.

Your laugh is infectious

I can still hear it in my head,

I can see that bright smile of yours

At night while I'm in bed.

It's just a little something for you

Now just before you go,

You brightened up my life

And I wanted you to know


Childhood Losted

by chris

When I was younger,

My dreams led me through the stars.

I thought

They'd always take me far.

But now I've grown

And learned the evil ways of life.

It's full of pain and anger,

Misery and strife.

People have wondered

What the hell happened to me.

Some say I'm not the same

As I used to be.

They say they don't like

What I have become.

I guess that means

I'm not the only one.

One day I was pushed out

And told to be a man,

But nobody showed me how.

They just said, "Do the best you can."

No longer can I go back

And live among my past.

I wish I had known then

That it would not last.

Now I can drive, and I can drink,

I can vote, and I can shave.

But what's it all worth anyway

When I'm always told I must behave?

It's gotten me a numb mind

And thoughts of black and white.

The vivid-colored dreams are gone;

Filled in with facts of wrong and right?

The freedom that

I once had loved

Has turned to a jail

I can't break out of.

Those cheerful times

Of playing in the sun

Is now a cell

With nowhere to run.

I hold a pen

And not a bat.

I sit on my ass

Growing older, getting fat.

Neighborhood friends have

All moved away,

Replaced by folks

Eight hours a day.

The open fields where I once played

Are now concrete; they see no day.

The pieces of my life are lesser than the sum.

I absolutely despise all that I've become.

I look inside my head and see

There ain't much left of what I used to be.

My carefree life has been replaced

By a cynical and jaded face.

The mirror reflects a broken man

With strange thoughts in a foreign land.

No longer are my dreams in me,

Now it's nightmares in my sleep.

And no one tucks me in no more.

And no one sings me songs no more.

It seems in life, a common cost.

If nothing else, it's childhood lost.


Come With Me

by chris

Come walk with me in flowery vales,

'neath billowing clouds that float like sails

on ships, which plough the bright skylake,

leaving golden sunbeams in their wake.

Come hold my hand upon the heath,

in warm dry swirls of summer breath,

which flutter flags and lift up kites

and cap the waves, with bridesmaid's white.

Come stand with me when leaves turn bright

throughout each starlit crispy night.

Breathe moisty clouds of tender words

in love croon sound, like roosting birds.



by chris

To communicate the way I feel

To me this way is real

It also helps me not to face

Any deep rooted feelings which may be the case

How was it then that my emotions have ended up in such a way?

Are they but for a season, or here to stay?

How is it I find my mind floating to a picture of you?

Am I just lonely or are my feelings true?

As we spoke on the telephone

It was wonderful to hear your dulcet tones

Your sarcasm as usual was great

But left me in a state

Fondly I look back on the time

We spent together, it was fine

To say at least I wished it went on forever

But still I wish we were still together

Wrapped up in each others arms

You filling me with so much charm

Walking alongside that river, so dear

Without a care or fear

There are aspects of you I somehow cannot comprehend

You’re like a rosebush no one has to tend

So positive, so caring,

rounded and daring

But her I must leave

To my heart a web you have weaved

I‘ll speak to you soon, my dear

Believe me when I say what I have written is clear.


Compared To You

by chris

Not the sky

Not the stars

Nothing's more precious than you are

Not the moon

Not the summer warmth of June

Nothing compares to the feel of you

But sometimes they question

is all of this really what she can do?

I answer, as long as her love remains true

Nothing on earth compares to you

Not money

Not the threat of being deceived

Nothing could make me turn out and leave

Not another

Not a girl with something more

would make me turn on the one I adore

'Cause I love her

But sometimes they question,

is all of this really what she can do?

I answer as long as her love remains true

Nothing on earth compares to you

You're a dream

You're my queen

You're the reason I say those lovely things

Your smile, the light of your eyes

Your voice, your kiss, and your touch

The reasons I'd die just to fall in love

That's what you are, you're my heart

So when they question, if this is all you can do

I answer as long as your love remains true

Nothing on earth compares to you


Confusion In the Heart

by chris

I'm so full of love,

and I don't know what to do.

My mind tells me to give love up.

My heart says to give it all to you.

Am I making a mistake?

Are you playing me like a fool?

Can I trust you with my love?

Or is this too much, too soon.

I want your love.

I need to feel special.

Can you give this to me?

Do you have that potential?

This isn't a game.

I'm being sincere.

If you could only see

I'm fighting back the tears.

So... can you give me all your love?

Can you give me all of you?

'Cause I'm more than willing to let you go

if that's what you want me to do.


Create Me A Memory

by chris

Create me a memory so deep and so fierce

That you make all my other thoughts become quite scarce.

Create me a memory with candles and oil

surrounding a bubble bath, so that I can feel spoiled.

Create me a memory, and I'll daydream all day

Instead of my work, my mind will be on play

Create me a memory that to no one else I'll confide

That all my thoughts are of you deep inside.

To make all my dreams and fantasies come true

Create me a memory, that's what you can do.



By Chris

Cuddles are fun and cuddles are nice

With someone you love to add some spice

Cuddles are good when you're feeling sad

They soon pick you up and make you feel glad

Cuddles are good for day or night

Especially to make up from a fight

Cuddles are great when you're feeling down

You cant help but smile instead of frown

Cuddles are big and cuddles are small

You can give them to anyone short or tall

Cuddles are soft and cuddles are strong

They can take moments or take very long

Cuddles are special and show that you care

Spread plenty around so they're not so rare

Cuddles can make someone's world really bright

So give them one now and hold on very tight!



by chris

Their love has receded

Into an endless stream of hellos and goodbyes

Of not-so chance meetings

For glimpses of the other.

A colorful parade of effigies

Mocks the knowing heart

Taunting, caring, bruising, loving

Only to grieve when they part.

Two poor souls caught in their house of mirrors

A tapestry of truth and lies

Not knowing what is real

Not knowing what to seek.

Names long forgotten

Pieces that will never fit

For as long as this charade goes on

These people will never meet.


Dark Passion

by chris

From the deepest, darkest

Depths of Hell

There rises a passion

The fury of which the universe

Has never known.

I have harnessed this power

Riding Lucifer's stallion

Into this world to find you

My Princess of Darkness.

And you, your trembling body

Awaits my arrival.

Erotic fantasies fulfilled.

Can you breath, my Princess?

I know you cannot.

You are overwhelmed

By the most wicked of Thoughts,

On fire with carnal ravage.

Open yourself to me

Let me thrust my soul

Deeply, deeply into yours

Unleashing the demons within

Feeling the furious heat

As our sweat soaked bodies

Rhythmically glide as one.

Moan, cry, scream, my Princess

Again and again and again.



by chris

Why must I be so down?

Why must I always wear a sorrowed crown?

Sometimes I grow so weary of life,

But somehow I've always found a way to stay around.

There's something wrong with my head,

Though I have yet to learn what.

I have aching fear in my heart,

Sickening loss in my gut.

I hate my mind;

I'm sure I'm quite insane,

Trapped behind these dark uncaring eyes,

Borne of endless pain.

I feel a lot like I don't belong,

That I'm not myself without my misery,

That spiders are my only true friends;

And I wonder who will ever miss me.

At a sunset painted with a solemn brush,

How can I be asked to suffer forever?

Naked for the world to see,

Perhaps I shall simply surrender.

I wander alone in the breath of the night,

Cold, wet, and shivering,

Longing for the last gasp of the sun,

And unable to stop these tears that are falling.

And sometimes in the morning,

When the warmth of the dawn falls upon my face,

It's too hard to find a reason

To stay alive another miserable day.

I realize how truly unhappy I really am.

It doesn't matter if I live or die,

For life and death taste the same to me,

So maybe I should just kill myself this time.


Deep inside of this soul

by chris

Deep inside of this soul

There is a place where darkness grows

Where silence remains still and sweet

And beauty is only skin deep

A place where walls surround the heart

To protect from words that sting like darts

Reach inside take my heart

Take my soul take it all

The stream of blood run's like a river

The salty tears go on forever

The burning of this beating heart

Take a look inside

Cant you see Im dying

Dont you hear me crying

Deep inside this soul


Delicious Imaginations

by chris

Delicious imaginations of sensual delights

Sexual temptations my body afire

Thoughts of you warm hands, caresses,

And your lips upon mine

Stroking, teasing, nipping overcome with desire

Pulses racing licking tasting

Passions raging, needing craving

Aching with no end in sight

Shivers running down my spine

Pulling me closer

Your hips against mine

I can feel your desire

My mind reeling higher

Baring my skin to your gaze

Masterfully erasing, inhibitions escaping

Penetration, moans escaping

The culmination of our desire


Do you ever wonder?

by chris

Do you ever wonder who you are,

And if you're really you,

Or if you're whole life is just a dream,

Or If the sky is really blue.

Or why everyone else knows how you feel,

When you don't have a clue;

Is it just me,

Or is it you, too?

Do you ever wonder,

Why life hurts us all,

Or why we bleed the color of love,

When we get hurt when we fall.

Or why I would rather die a thousand deaths

Then to see you hurt inside,

Or why I will never reveal how I feel,

Why I hold on to my pride.

And do you ever wonder why,

Things are this way,

Or why the important decisions in your life,

You never have a say.

Do you ever wonder why...

When things turn out right

They go wrong again

Before the end of night.

Or why when things just get started,

It's best to say good bye.

Do you ever wonder,

Ever wonder why?


Do You Realize

by chris

Do you realize just how beautiful

You are in my eyes?

Do you realize how wonderful I feel,

To see someone who tries?

You are the first person in a while,

To really show me you care;

You are the first person in a while

To act like you enjoy being there.

You really mean a lot to me,

And I hope that I can show

The way I feel inside;

That I can really let you know.

I want you to know I like you,

And when you're away I'm sad,

Because I want to see your face,

And have everything I once had.

I want a girlfriend who will care,

And try the way I do;

I want a girlfriend who will believe

I'll do anything for you.



by chris

Don't feel sorry for me!

My life is hard but I have made it this long and survived!

I don't like pity nor sympathy...I like understanding.

I am stronger than you think!

I have worked through a lot

and it's not half over yet, it's only begun.

I dislike it when people say they know how you feel

when really they have no clue how you feel.

You don’t have to impress me or do things to make me like you.

And the faster you know that the better!

My problems aren't my fault nor yours.

Don't judge me from my problems-

I don't control them!

Don't judge me by the way I live my life-

I live it the best I can!

Look into your heart and tell me what you see...

I have so much to give if you would just give me a chance!




by chris

I sit here at night with you on my mind.

I want your heart, your soul, your lips, so kind.

I dream of a sweetness like you.

I love you so much, if you only knew.

I hear your voice, it's so soft it makes me weep.

I toss and turn, but my love for you keeps me from sleep.

I pray for you to be mine to keep.

Wanting nothing more than to sweep you off your feet.

In my arms you shall fall.

And with you there, I will protect you from all.



Expressions Of Pleasure

by chris

Sleepless night of unforgettable moments

sexual tension, sinful pleasure

Naked bodies in a tight embrace

aching with a burning desire

Passionate kisses on soft moist lips

exploring tongues, sensual licks

Stimulating raging, heated passions

lustful moans, grinding motions

Caressing between parted thighs

warm moistness, silky flesh

Firmly gripping and stroking

a hard throbbing shaft

Legs entwined, back arched up

entering with incredible sensations

Breathing quickens, every thrust

penetrating faster deeper

Bodies trembling and quivering

with each rhythmic thrust

Breathless climax erupting

in wave after wave of ecstasy

Expressions of pleasure

moments shared together...



By Chris

I never really came along with life,

Never really was alive.

Death filled the empty whole inside of me,

Made me become one.

Its tearing me apart, still so peaceful

Im too tired to fight, just let me fade...


Falling For You

By Chris

No words could ever express

Just what you mean to me

I don't know how to get to you

Somehow i must make you see

You are not like the rest

You are different from them all

You take the time to know me

And every free chance you give me a call

While others treated me so bad

Youve stuck by me at all times

I am so happy we found each other

I am happy i can call you mine

The more time i spend with you

The more i start to realize

Where Id be, i don't know

If i didn't have you in my life

You are so many ways it's true

You are always there

When no one's around and i need a friend

You are the one who cares

So don't you ever doubt me?

'Cuz i will never find someone new

I am scared to death, terrified

But i think... i am falling for you.


A First Encounter

by chris

You rubbed my back so gently

What was innocent pleasure began to grow

The feel of your touch ran through me

My heart began to glow

You laid down beside me

An innocent gesture for sure

Laying with your body so close

Left me yearning for more

I felt your cheek brush mine

and I gasped with pleasure

Knowing your lips were close

But wishing ours were together

And then I felt your eyes running over my body

Like a wave of electricity

My mind became numb

Like I was under the sea

With waves of lust rolling over me

I turned to meet your stare

And wondered looking into your eyes

Could you truely care?

I felt your lips brush my cheek

My ear, my head, my neck.

And I knew if I kissed you

It would be a moment not to forget.

I closed my eyes and waited

And as your lips brushed mine

My heart stopped beating

And seemed to stop time

And now after so many kisses,

A soft touch, a stare or a glance

Are still all it takes for you

to make my heart dance


From me to YOU

By Chris

This poem symbolizes my desire,

To let you know it's you I admire;

And from these lines I hope to explain,

Just how much to me you mean.

I realize we just met,

And many things about you I don't know yet;

But what I do know is enough to say,

I am glad you came my way.

I don't believe in LOVE at first sight,

But after seeing you, I think I might;

Simple words can never clearly reveal,

Just how good you make me feel.

In you, GIRL, I see a treasure,

Composed of things I cannot measure;

This treasure I hope to someday find,

And leave these lonely days behind...


heavenly angel

By Chris

You are an angel of all beautiful things

You bring me happiness, love, and comfort

When I see heart melts

Because your beauty is that of an angel.

Your voice is a never-ending song

That, when heard, mesmerizes.

When I see your eyes, I am stunned

Because your beauty is that of an angel.

When I am with you...I think to myself..

An angel this gorgeous is only seen in heaven.

But I have you right here,

Beside me.


Her Eyes of Purest Sea Blue

By Chris

Upon life's churning ocean

When storm clouds threaten

And scare

The thought of bluest jewels

That swells the heart

Lessen the force of the waves.

Booming thunder and flicking lightning

Highlight the beautiful face of my love

Standing next to me in the storm

Giving hope's light in forceful darkness

Helping me stand against the weight

And giving me her strength to go on.

Against the raging winds we bend

But in each other's arms we hold firm

All the powers that nature and hell

Disperse upon our souls

Will never, in all the eternities

Make us fall to our knees.

As I lose myself in the depths of her eyes

Peacefully floating in paradise

I come to understand that no power

In this world or any world after

Will ever be able to keep me

From holding her beautiful hands.


Here I am

by chris

Here I am writing about what I'm thinking

Thinking about what I'm writing

Thinking about these feelings that I'm fighting

Writing about what they have me feeling

Feeling things I normally wouldn't

Thinking things I really shouldn't

Thinking, writing

Feeling, fighting

Fighting thinking

Writing thoughts

Of feelings fought

Feelings felt that should not be

Thinking thoughts that trouble me

Searching for answers restlessly

Deciding which is wrong and which is right

Which do I choose and which do I fight

These feelings that keep me up all night

fighting off sleep to try and find

The answers to the questions that trouble my mind

And now these feelings I can no longer fight.

so now Instead I choose to write.


I was told to pray,

For Christ died for my sins.

I tried, but nothing happened.

Somebody lied to me.

I was told to be a man,

Told not to fear,

Yet still I wept, and I felt great comfort.

Somebody lied to me.

This beautiful life? I disagree.

The joys of life?


Somebody lied to me.

They said I was weird,

That my cryptic verses weren't right,

But black is a color, too.

Somebody lied to me.

"Be not so cold-hearted," they said.

I sadly let them in.

My soul, raped! My mind, pillaged!

My trust, nothing!

How could I love,

So detached and alone,

Hiding in the shadows?

Somebody lied to me.

To feel much better

Is to get more sleep?

I tried, but it just brought more ghastly nightmares,

And those of a dead girl holding a bloody doll

Outside my window weren't just an illusion,

For the girl spoke,

And I awoke with bloodied hands.

Somebody lied to me.



"Speak not so morbid," they said.

"Spend not so much time in the dark."

I lit some black candles and brightened my entire life.

I bowed to the glare of the sunset

And anticipated the rise of the moon

And the dance of midnight shadows.

Be not scared of the daylight?

Somebody lied to me.

They said the snows of winter cause problems,

But I saw how clean and crisp the earth became

And felt how easily my breath flowed.

So I sought the cold

To find warm peace within it;

A lonely flame's soft glow

Amid the howling frigid wind,

The silent stars near enough to grasp,

Tears crystallizing as they fell.

Somebody lied to me.



Flowers were accepted,

So I brought a single black rose.

I got a slap in the face in return.

They said I shouldn't touch the body,

So I kissed her pale lips one last time,

And my mind was made to be calm.

Somebody lied to me.

"Alone in a cemetery is not

A good way to spend one's free time," they said,

But when I did I felt more human.

I was told that she was dead,

But with my fingers on her gravestone,

I whispered to her, and I felt her reply.

For once rest came quickly that evening.

Somebody lied to me.



Since early in my life

I was told that I could fly,

So I leapt just to see if they were right...

And nobody cried for me.


Hidden Secrets

by chris

Motionless and fleshless

With hollow eyes and constant grins

My companions greeted me daily.

No eyes to see with, no voice to speak with

No ears to hear with and no life to live with.

I hated those skeletons, fragments of life gone by

They were my hidden secrets,

Their presence repulsed me and

I concealed them from the world.

I tried not to look at them, to hide,

To dress them in dreams...

Their hideousness still crept through.

Tears from empty eyes, cries from silent mouths,

Oblivious to my screams and sapping me of

My strenth, they demanded my attention.

The winter came and wanting to see no more

I wrapped my skeletons in a blanket of denial and

Defiantly locked them in a small dark room.

The wind howled through that winter of my life,

Bringing with it an odious smell.

The door began to crack, my house grew cold

As the chill from that door took its hold.

I padded the gaps, still the wind blew, there

Was no way through and the door began to crack.

I tried in vain to plaster those open wounds,

They refused to heal, the door heaved,

The wind screamed and I boarded up that door.

After house grew quiet and

The sun began to shine

No skeletons in my cupboard

Love and happiness were all mine...

And in my haste I hacked down the door

I'd escaped that living hell

To find my hidden secrets..

Very much alive and well.


Holding You

by chris

In my dreams, I can feel

your lips pressing mine,

taste the sweetness

of your kiss.

Holding you in my arms,

touching your soft skin,

under a harvest moon,

shining in our eyes.

Hoping one day

my dreams will be real,

my life will be complete;

with you loving me.

You and me

by chris

"When I first saw you

I was afraid to like you,

when I liked you

I was afraid to love you,

now that I love you

I am afraid to lose you

To be loved by someone is something,

but to be loved by the one U Love is Everything.



By Chris

There's something in a simple hug

That always warms the heart;

It welcomes us back home

And makes it easier to part.

A hug's a way to share the joy

And sad times we go through,

Or just a way for friends to say

They like you 'cause you're you.

Hugs are meant for anyone

For whom we really care,

From your grandma to your neighbor,

Or a cuddly teddy bear.

A hug is an amazing thing -

It's just the perfect way

To show the love we're feeling

But can't find the words to say

It's funny how a little hug

Makes everyone feel good;

In every place and language,

It's always understood.

And hugs don't need new equipment,

Special batteries or parts -

Just open up your arms

And open up your hearts.



by chris

Sometimes words are unspoken

Which need to be told

And deep down I was hoping

My emotions would hold

But the stronger they got

The harder I fell

I guess I like you a lot

If you couldn't already tell

It's like every little thing you do

Brings a smile to my face

I can't help but stare at you

And welcome your embrace

I think of you every day

Even when you're around

I never felt this way

You picked me up when I was down

The chills you bring are unspeakable

The way you make me melt inside

Do you know you're so incredible?

You gave me reason not to hide

If I could talk forever

I'd say how you make me feel

I promise I'll keep us together

For as long as you can deal

My heart beats for only you

With every passing hour

I promise I'll always be true

Boy, you have this power

I love your touch

Your warm and subtle stare

Your words and such

And you always being there

I know I can count on you

Through good times and bad

And so I know a thing or two

And, Baby, I am glad

If we had never met

I don't exactly know where I'd be

I live with no regret

Having you here by me

I give my hand to you

With all my heart

I can't wait to live my life with you

I can't wait to start


I Love You

By Chris

You're kissable and cuddly;

You're lovable and sweet;

You thrill me every minute,

And sweep me off my feet.

You're charming and disarming,

Desirable and true.

You inspire and impress me,

And that's why I love you!



By Chris

To see you when I wake up,

is a gift I didn't think could be real

To know that you feel the same,

as I do, is a Three-fold utopian dream

You do something to me

That I can't explain

So would I be out of line, if I said

I miss you.

I see your picture, I smell your skin on,

the empty pillow next to mine

You have only been gone ten days,

but already I am wasting away

I know I'll see you again

Whether far or soon

But I need you to know, that I care

And I miss you


I need you

by chris

I seem to think about you day and night.

This feeling I have for you, just feels right.

I fall asleep wanting to hold you tight,

once i have you, I won't let go without a fight.

I've felt this way from the vary start,

You're the only one who holds my heart.

I see your pain knowing in my heart

I can make you go away.

This feeling I have for you is peaceful bliss

if I don't take chances, I'm afraid I'm going to miss.

I'm trying to tell you, we're meant to be,

you can't tell me you do not see.

How do I confront you with my love so dear,

a love you can find only here?

Maybe if you read this poem, and know I care,

but my life without wouldn't be fair.


I wish

By Chris

I wish I were a teddy bear,

Lying on your bed,

And every time you cuddled it,

You cuddled me instead.


If I Asked

by chris

if i ask you to make love to me

touch my heart, set me free

spare my soul the lovers pain

make me feel true love again

touch my lips....smooth my hair

prove to me your love is there

lay with me side by side

forever in my love abide

slowly we will greet the dawn

promise me your love is strong

if i ask you to make love to me

hold me close, be one with me



By Chris


























In my dreams

by Chris

In my dreams, you hold me tight,

making love til morning light.

Holding me close with all your might.

In my dreams, pleasures are shared,

passionate desires never rare.

As close to extreme as we dare.

In my dreams, we share each day.

Facing obstacles thrown our way,

together, forever come what may.

In my dreams, our love is true,

eternally binding me and you.

Something found by very few.

In my dreams........

I am with you.


Just For You

by chris

tonight i sit


as the wind whispers

your name ..

has been a while

since I saw your face ..

with a smile

bright as a star...

Oh how I wish

you weren't so far.

closing my eyes

dreaming of you

hoping you are

happy too.

someday soon

I will be there,

to share a hug

and see you smile..

even if only for

a short while.


Kiss me

By Chris

Kiss me as you say goodbye...

Kiss me when you say hi!

Kiss me and we'll forever be...

Kiss me and you will see...

Kiss me in the morning sun...

Kiss me as no other one...

Kiss me and tell me of your love...

Kiss me, my sweet angel from above...

Kiss me, embrace me, don't let go...

Kiss me, make me smile and you'll know

That kisses are heaven sent.

Love, Kindness to thee be meant...



By Chris

Ever wonder why life deals you the worst possible hand?

In a room full of seats, you're left to stand.

Trying to grasp on to life but you fall behind,

All crazy things keep on running through your mind.

Feeling suicidal reaching out for hope,

Keep hearing you're a loser and you're learning how to cope.

Walking down a road but don't know where to turn,

Crowds of people by a flame and you're the only one to burn.

Screaming out for help and no one hears your call,

Trying to stand up, but you just continue to fall.

Slowly urging the pain to just go away,

Crying for it to just go but it continues to stay.

Keep on feeling confused and trying to understand why,

You know you're alive but you wish you would die.

Can't seem to understand the things that keep happening to you,

Wanting only an explanation for the things you do.

You feel like running away but you can't seem to move,

You keep giving yourself reasons to live

But there's nothing more to prove.

Lacking any self respect you ever had,

Wanting so much to understand but blocked by your inner self.

Thinking of death and wishing you would die,

Saying hello to the world when you really want to say bye.



by chris

A shadow in the sunlight,

a leaf upon a tree,

A spider in a silk web,

weaving so intricately.

A raindrop in a storm cloud,

the plume upon a dove,

Chocolate in a valetine,

inscribed with silver--"love"...

A four leaf clover in a clover patch,

a black sky and a single star,

Within my heart and to my soul,

these are the things you are.


Making Love

by chris

We are alone in this room - just you and I

As we stand together I place my hand on your thigh

Our passions are buliding - we both know what's next

We are about to make love - hot passionate sex.

The room is lit up only by candles

And our burning passion, I can no longer handle.

The music is playing romantic melodies

The sheets on the bed are soft and silky

There's rose petals scattered all over the bed

It is the perfect setting for the night ahead.

I step towards you and I kiss your neck

You throw your head back at the feel of my peck.

Then I place a kiss on your cheek

As you whisper to me that your knees just got weak.

So I lay you down and I just stand and stare

You're now only in your bra and underwear

On the silky sheets you tell me it feels so nice

So I climb into bed with you and with my mouth I entice


May I Kiss You?

by chris

I ask if I may kiss you.

You just smile; no answer is necessary.

My initial kiss is just a flirting of our lips.

My tongue lightly flicking -

Like I am asking, "Do you want me?"

The tip of my tongue runs all around your lips.

Touching every part,

Inside and out -

Over and over again.

Tickling you, tickle, tickle, goes my tongue.

Now I press my lips gently to yours.

Rubbing your lips back and forth against mine.

My kisses are hot and fast.

I cannot rest long in any one place.

I have such a need to go on.

I trail kisses of passion all over your face.

Then back to your mouth.

Our tongues dance together.

We are exploring.

I circle your tongue with the tip of mine.

You echo the pattern back to me.

I lick the sides, underside and the top.

You echo back.

I suck your lower lip.

You echo back.

We repeat, repeat, repeat.

The sensations are driving our emotions.

We are wild for each other.

You thrust your tongue in and out.

The movements are rhythmic and stabbing.

Simulating our love making during mating.

I ask again, do you want me?

I can tell that you do.

No words are necessary.


my dream of us

by chris

and on the shoreline of my dreams

i will find you standing there---

naked, against the storming sky,

the waves crashing over your body,

and your hair

falling in wet curls

across your cheek.

you will bathe with me

in the ocean;

dance with me in the wind,

make love to me in the raging storm.

and i will love you there.

when on the shoreline of my dreams

i find you standing there,

i will run to you

in dream-like softness.

and i will love you there.

(would that i were the one

who holds your heart)


My love for you

by chris

As time passes, our love has grown

I believe it is a love most people have never known

I know for me this is true

I have never loved someone as I do you

Sometimes my feelings get mixed

Wondering what in our life will be next

Then I look very deep inside

And know this is a love I can't hide

Will our love always be this way

That is my hope, to have many special days

To find new things about each other

That will make us smile and laugh

To always have a love like no other

As months grow into years

I want your touch to always set me on fire,

As it does now, for you are so dear

You are in my every thought, dream, and desire

With all the trouble throughout my life

I have now found it is never too late in life

To find that special love

One, I believe, we had help with from luck

I write this to let you know I care,

That I want to be with you

Most of all just to have the things we share

For all the things that you, and only you, do

Everything that you do for me

From little things to important things

Allows me through my eyes to see

How much happiness your love brings


Nothing but I am

By Chris

I feel like Im nothing

Praying to be something

I know Im worthless

Hoping to mean something

I beg to be released,

Released from this life

Wishing to become something

But my wish isnt worth anything

Im not worth enough

To become something,

I had the will

But something killed it,

Made me become nothing

Now I want to stay there forever

So lonely, but still so peaceful...


One Day You'll See

by chris

The first time I saw you,

I knew you were the one.

There was no question in my mind,

after having that much fun.

There's just something about you,

that I've never found before.

And now that we're good friends,

I find myself wanting more.

I never thought it possible,

to care for one so much.

But everyday that passes,

I long to feel your touch.

To look into your eyes,

would make my day complete,

cause every time you look at me,

my heart just skips a beat.

Everything I'd wished for,

every dream I'd hope come true,

I never thought would happen,

until the day that I met you.

I know that your not ready,

for the kind of commitment that I am,

but for you I'd wait forever,

there's nothing I can't stand.

Although it hurts to know,

that you don't feel the same as me,

hopefully one day you'll realize,

one day you'll wake up and see.


Only One

by chris

When I close my eyes,

you're the only one I see,

I think about you all the time I breathe,

Please say you'll be with me...

Without you I cry.

Only knowing your name...

Makes me want to die.

Please don't say you'll ever leave me.

Don't like being without me...

Say you miss me.

Close your eyes and feel my touch.

Call me and I'll come.

I do care,

I hate not knowing you,

I hate the thought of you being with anyone but me.

I want you so much,

You don't know.

My body calls your name...

You're everywhere I go.

And everybody knows

I'll Swallow all my pride...

To be by your side,

Only with you I want to be.

Only you I want to see,

Only 'cause I of you, I breathe.


Pain in my heart

by chris

This pain in my heart

kills me and won't ever go.

This pain in my heart

is like a thorn on a rose.

These tears down my cheek

tear me apart and they tell you

that without you I just cannot live,

because my heart screams out loud that I LOVE YOU,


Pinch me

By Chris

My eyes spill and my heart swells

As I am away from you

My mind fills with thoughts

Of seeing your beautiful face again

My cheeks ache from all that smiling

A constant reminder of that short eternity

We spent intertwined

Arms, legs, lips, minds, souls

Locked together

I daydream of those eyes gazing up at me

Immediately, it all comes rushing back

Infatuation, fascination, sheer amazement

I'm back in the real world

Came up for air

Keep longing

For that warm, dark, comfortable heaven

Your arms wrapped so tightly

I can hardly fill my lungs

My face buried in your neck

Breathing you in

Air, I need not

Bursts of emotion

Ignited by eye contact

I keep telling myself I must be dreaming

Pinch me.


Questions on my mind

by chris

I go to sleep every night with questions on my mind.

The questions run around constantly, but no answers can I find

The answers I should know but I don't.

It would be easier if they answered themselves, but they won't.

So what am I left to do,

But search until I do

Find the answerw to the questions to which I have no clue

Questions which were brought to mind because of you,

But this you never knew

The questions you placed in my mind,

But the answers are for me alone to find.


Real Friends

by chris

You make it alright to smile,

But for how long, I'm not sure.

It will take some time, it'll be a while.

I might be right...

Could be wrong...

But no matter what happens,

Time will still roll on.

In my mind plays the same slow song.

What it is, I can't say,

But maybe I will some day.

Right now everything seems so right,

Yet feels so wrong.

So I sit here tonight,

It feels so long.

I can't take it any more,

But I still can't open the door

To something new...

Something true.

The passing of days...

I've tried so many ways.

I feel like I'm standing in a maze.

I scream and I shout,

But still I can't find my way out.

I need one to help me through,

For this is something that I have to do,

Not by myself... not alone.

I'm so glad you're my friend,

Cause you've helped me once again,

Helped me through the pain and sorrow.

Don't leave me now,

Please stay with me till tomorrow.

So as blind as I may be,

I will always recognize thee

As someone close to me,

A real friend.


She is my new best friend

by chris

She is my new best friend

She's better than the rest

She makes all the better things better

And the better, best

She is always there for me

When I need her most

She's not high on herself

She doesn't brag or boast

Sure, we both have problems

Similar in size

But we are there for each other

Just to sympathize

When everything goes wrong

And it seems like no one cares

She is always there

To wipe away the tears

I do my best to help her

I try with all my might

To make her world a better place

To make it all seem right

Each of us thanks the other

For all that we have done

And how just by being a friend

Life is much more fun


Some kisses are just kisses,

By Chris

Some kisses are just kisses

Other kisses are real,

Kissing the one you love,

Oh, how good it feels.

Even with the one you love,

Sometimes, disagreements appear,

Working out your differences

Happens; if both are sincere.

The magic in your kisses are

More than words will ever say,

They tell your love you're

Sorry; in an unspoken way.


Sorry I Wasted Your Time!


They say what doesn't kill you

Makes you all the stronger.

But I have to say good-bye...

I can't take it any longer.

I do everything wrong,

Not one single thing right.

As I lie on my bed

Knowing this is my last night.

Too much pain...

Without a will.

I will give up my space on Earth

And give it to someone that doesn't make you ill.

I am sorry I didn't please you

And never made you glad.

I apologize for taking up your time,

And for always making you mad.

I tried everything I could,

But I can't try anymore...

My life is like one

Never-ending war.


My life is at its end

Yours will only improve.

Don't say a word,

I wouldn't want you to move.

So to anyone out there,

Not that you care,

Try to find out...

Why God made my life so unfair.


Soul mates or Something more

by chris

When we speak of soul mates

do we not really mean

heart, mind and soul mates.

Because, would we really want someone

who only loved us for part of the whole.

I think a soul mate is someone who sees the flaws,

yet, loves you more for them,

as they define who you are,

and who always look below... for the beauty,

instead of judging by the shell.

They see our weaknesses but never take advantage.

Instead, they lend strength when needed,

without being intrusive. They are our companions

while letting us still be ourselves,

and giving us room to grow.

It's someone who, while not sharing all your interests,

will respect yours and try to keep a open mind... always.

But most of all a soul mate is someone to trust

with your most precious gift and trust

that you, also, will keep it safe for them..

your love, and theirs.


Soul Mates...

By Chris

You are my heartbeat.

You are my strength.

You are the only true love I know.

I am yours until the end.

You saved me from all of my heartache,

You wiped away my tears.

You kissed away the bad dreams

And blew away my fears.

Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve you.

To know you is a mystery.

To hold you, my one true wish.

And to kiss your lips so softly, Oh

YOU are what true love is.

Others cant understand it,

How we fell so fast.

Showing all people,

That our love overcomes our pasts.

So now it comes time,

To prove this love so true.

Test after test, we show others

That were stronger together,

Stronger than we ever knew.

You are my other half,

The missing link of me.

You complete my soul,

Like no other can ever be.



By Chris

I'm glad I found you,

Like you there's only a few,

My love for you is so strong,

If loving you is right then

I don't want to go wrong.

You're the one to bring a smile to my face,

You're the one who makes my heart race.

I crave for your touch,

I crave for the warmth of your body so much.

I want our souls together,

I want to have you in my life forever.

Please don't leave me,

You're the only one in my life I see.

I pray for the day to come,

Depressing days without you there's some.

Please let me feel the warmth and tingle

Of your breath,

For that one moment I would even consider death.


Take Me To A Dream

by chris

Take me to a dream

That I never dreamed of,

To a place so beautiful

That we can stay for eternity,

A dream that seems to be

More real than real life

A dream of no problems or worries.

Take me to a dream

A place for just the two of us,

Where we can express our inner

most thoughts, feelings, and emotions,

To a beautiful land where nobody

Is there but just the two of us.

Take me to a dream

A dream where I can have fun,

Where I am not being fused or abused at

Controlled or being yelled at,

To a beautiful place that I can lay at

In peace where I can think at,

Where I will have no worries

and do nothing but dream.

Take me to a dream.....



by chris

I cry for you

When I'm all alone at night

I cry for you

when you don't hold me tight

I cry for you

when I see you with him

I cry for you

I thought I'd be the one you'd prefer

I think of you

when you don't think of me

I think of you

and try to make you see

I think of you

when you're walking with him

I think of you

I thought I'd be the one you'd prefer

My tears are falling

they're falling real hard

My tears are falling

they're going real far

My tears are falling

when you're walking with him

My tears are falling

I thought I'd be the one you'd prefer

I'm not over you

I'm so sick of hurting

I'm not over you

So why do you keep flirting?

I'm not over you

When your walking with him

I'm not over you

I thought I'd be the one you'd prefer



by chris

Come inside my world

Describe what you see

It won't be long

You'll be on your knees

Begging to leave

There's no escape

Once you're here,

It's a constant rape


This pain and torment

It's a never ending disease

Someone's got to help me

Please, I beg you, please

No one hears my silent screams

Maybe they just don't care

Trampled like a back door rug

Too much wear and tear

The time has drawn near

The choice I must make

No one dares to stop me now

It's my life that I must take.

The Moment Of A Kiss

By Chris

My heart is beating so strongly

That I think it's going to burst;

Standing near my one and only,

for true love my heart does thirst.

I can't believe you're with me now,

My fingers entwined with yours;

A moment where I've longed to allow

My heart to run its course.

There's not a sound I can hear,

All things around me are blocked out;

My focus is only you, so near,

A love I know I can't do without.

With only inches between our lips

I feel your breath upon my cheek;

From my head to toes, to fingertips,

Pure excitement makes me weak.

Closer, slowly, now our mouths move

As I bring my lips to yours;

The gentle touch that now does prove,

The love from my heart that pours.

This moment frozen here in time,

Your kiss that's pure serenity;

I pray that I can make you mine,

For now and all eternity.


The ones who have it hardest

By Chris

The ones who have it hardest

Are the ones whose lives look the easiest?

Easy to please..

Nothing to bother

Plenty to hide

Left only to smother

In their secrets

In their lies

They look so happy

Except in their eyes

You can see their pain

You can see their fears

But to them nothing can fall

Not even their tears


Thinking of You

by chris

As I lay here,

Thinking of you.

All my thoughts,

Gray and Blue.

I wish I could see you,

I wish I could.

Then maybe my life,

Could be understood.

But, still Im down

and Thinking Of You.

Hoping you love me,

Like I love you.

Thorn in my life


Thorn In My Life

I clutch the stem, tighter, tighter,

And shut my eyes to the world.

My blood stains the leaves, darker, darker,

Red as the Rose, red as the light.

My tears fall, faster, faster,

I gasp, because it hurts.

My heart beats, harder, harder,

Painfully pierced by a Thorn.

I open my eyes, slowly, slowly,

But everything looks the same.

And the Rose is still so lovely, lovely,

The blood will dry, the tears will dry,

And Life Will Go On.


To Hope, To Dream, To Live

by chris

To hope is to hurt,

To dream is to suffer.

To live without love,

Is why we hurt one another.

To hope is to cause,

A pain that is great,

To believe through and through,

That there is a thing called fate.

To dream is to be human,

And feel to it in your heart,

That your dream will come true,

Even if you and love are apart.

To live is to die,

Which we all must do,

But to live without love,

Is to never see truth.


To Put It Simply, I Want You

By Chris

I want to be your lover

And walk hand in hand,

Your strength over coming mine.

Autumn leaves falling,

Scuffing feet and laughter,

Sharing nights, not finished by the dark.

I want to be your confidant

As you pen your deepest

Thoughts, as your heartaches

Bleed and finally break free.

Your dreams, I keep as if my own.

I want to smile as you smile

And giggle with you

At nothing at all.

I want to be your lover

And find the passions

That moves you to action.

I want to be the softness

That induces you to trust.

I want to be the naughty

That makes you come back for more.

I want to please you.

I want to share your breakfast

And your dinner,

I want you in the shower

And in your bed and

With soft steps to bring you coffee

(I take mine black)

Your strong arms, the legs

That powers your thrust,

Your lips of pleasure,

These are the fuel of my desire

No it is no secret, my love,

And to put it very simply,

I want you.


Touch Me

By Chris

Touch me so I can taste the sweetness of your kiss

Touch me so my soul can indulge in the sweet bliss

A kiss that if lost would be missed forever

A kiss that my soul would beg to stop, never

Touch me so I can feel the warmth of your embrace

Touch me so I can feel the softness of your face

An embrace that will keep me forever in your arms

An embrace that will enslave me with its tender charm

Touch me so I can feel it in my soul

Touch me and forever chase away the cold

Make the fire in my soul burn forever bright

A raging fire to enlighten my darkest night

Touch me so I can feel an angel's touch

Touch me for I want to love you so much

Make my soul tremble with a taste of your kiss

Touch me and forevermore lead my soul amiss

Touch me...please


What can i say?

By Chris

I can't say you'll never be hurt.

That promise is already ruined.

The devil spun his web

And of course i fell into it.

I can't say Ill never leave you

For death is a tricky thing.

I don't know when i might fall

And catch a poisonous sting.

I won't say Ill always make you happy.

It won't be easy to live with me,

But a lie Ill never give.

The truth is all you'll ever see.

I will say that Ill do my best

To keep you happy when i can.

When trouble comes between us;

I promise- together we'll stand.

And i can say that i know my heart.

It breaks thinking of thoughts with out you.

And when I think of you in my sleep.

I'll whisper out- "I will always love you so deeply."


What I Feel

by chris

My body trembles

My knees begin to shake

My heart beats faster

My hands shiver and quake

My head begins to sweat

My muscles get cold chills

My palms get clammy

My touch is numb to anything it feels

My throat chokes up

My voice begins to crack

My jaw drops to the ground

My soul seems to know what it lacks

My memories come back to me

My feelings turn out to be real

My thoughts are all about you

My emotions are "What I Feel."


What I Now Realize

By Chris

Lately I realize, what I missed out on

It took me a long time to know,

How much I care, and miss you.

It took me a long time to know,

That the fear was gone, and so were you.

It took me a long time to know,

What I missed out on, and what I could of had.

It took me a long time to know,

How beautiful you are, and how amazing.

It took me a long time to know,

That you were the first person I loved, love.

It took me a long time to know,

That I will love you, and wait for you.

It took me a long time to know,

What my heart already knew.


What is love?

by Chris

What is love?

Anyone know?

Well, it is a feeling

That everyone should show.

The word means nothing,

If you dont have a certain something.

I hate the word love, it has brought me nothing but pain.

But I think one day it will be something I gain.

The word gets thrown around, like a ball in a park.

People dont realize that there is a meaning to the word.

You dont just say it to be absurd.

Oh, I love you.

Do you really?

Cause last week, I think you told Willie!

That is why marriages dont last as long as they used to,

No one knows whom he or she loves!

I love you.

Do you?

Cause I am here alone with a baby, on welfare!

You cant blame the government there,

Ive tried, it just isnt fair.

It has to be those people who say the word,

But dont have the feelings to make it work.

Ive said it,

yes thats true.

But I meant it, and I still do.

I hope this makes you think

Before you say it again,

Cause you never know when it will all end.


What You Make Me Feel

By Chris

When I saw you, you took my breath away,

Feeling a jumble of emotions I knew were here to stay.

I feel the butterflies, the tingly feeling inside,

Theres so much excitement you bring into my life.

Everyday I wonder what it would be like,

To be caressed in your arms, to be held on to tight.

To kiss youre lips, to hear your voice whispered in my ear,

To hear the three magic words I so long to hear.

Your gleaming smile, your mythical eyes, your stimulating physique,

Makes me realize how much of you I want to have and keep.

To share a laugh, to share a hand, to share a gentle kiss,

Is to share our heart and soul in our collective bliss.

I'd wait for you forever, patiently I'd stand,

'Till the day arrives, when you'd come and take my hand.

When you'd whisper you love me, giving me a goodnight kiss,

Speaking not with your mouth, but with your heart,

Knowing that there's nothing better than this.


What you mean to me

By Chris

Some things are hard to say,

But they have to be said.

When you smile it brightens my day,

It makes me happy knowing that you're happy.

When I see you my heart stops,

The way that you look at me leaves me breathless.

When you talk to me I am at a loss of words,

It seems that sometimes you are speechless.

Ive never really felt this way before,

There is something about you.

Its easier to talk to you than most,

There are just some things I dont get yet.

I think that its love, can it be true,

Has this feeling come over you?

Life has been great since youve been around.

I wish that things could stay like this,

But things always change.

Some are for the good and some for the bad,

I just hope its always for the good of things.

Whenever I hear your voice it makes me feel better,

It helps to rid most my fears.

Theres no one else that can do that,

That must be why I love you so!


wheres your god

by chris

There was a time

That I tried to talk to Jesus,

But he told me

To leave him alone.

I was shunned by your lord

And accepted by mine,

Though I'll never bow to anyone,

And I'll always cast the first stone.

He made me lie down

In green pastures,

He drowned me

In still waters,

Then he placed his bloody crown

Upon my head,

Suffocated me,

And so did make me suffer.

So I ask of all of you now,

All good Christians,

All Jesus' whores,

Why feed your kids the lies,

The cruelty,

The hypocrisy,

The cult-like fanaticism

Of a man called Jesus Christ?

Trust me, father, for you have sinned,

And if I believed in such a place,

I'd rather rot in hell

Than spend eternity with you.

I am not lost,

Nor do I need to be found.

So go ahead, I dare you convert me;

The one needing saving will be you.

On your kitchen wall

Hangs a verse from

The book of lies you believe in.

You've got a plastic virgin on your dashboard,

Assuring you that

You'll be protected

When you're tailgating,

And that you'll be saved forevermore.

Come every Thursday night,

On your way home,

Mary reminds you

To confess your deepest sins

So the priest can beat off

Next to you in the confessional.

But come Saturday night,

You'll be sinning again.

You've got a golden cross

Around your scrawny neck,

In hopes you'll be just like Christ.

Yeah, maybe you'll be crucified.

You live in fear

Of those who aren't like you,

But don't worry, you'll be safe

Among his mindless sheep only after you have died.

You see, you're living in the shadows

Of an old, dead religion,

And you only get it if you're fed it.

So when Jesus says jump, you ask how high,

But did you ever stop to think,

To question the commander,

To say no,

Or even bother to ask why?

So where is your god,

You blasphemous whore?

Not in your churches and not on this Earth.

He's a figment of your clouded imagination only.

He's not in your Bibles,

Because, just remember,

Even the Devil

Can quote Scripture to fill His black needs.


Why Love Is Never Fair

By Chris

What goes around comes around

that's what you always hear

Now you know for a fact

that it's true cause the person you love is not near

Remember once when someone

loved you and you just pushed them away

Look who's the one laying down alone

now with nothing else to say

You had your fun and played your game

I hope it was worth the whole ten minutes of fame

Act like your self you shouldn't change

in front of any of your friends

Cause even they know that you'll be the one

hurting at the end


why us

by chris

Why do we try to fix the blame?

it isn't our fault, anyway.

our only mistake was letting

our vain hearts have their way.

we made promises and swore vows

that were meant for you and me,

both of us struggling to preserve,

a love never meant to be,

a love with a dark future,

a love full of scary uncertainty,

a love that should have never happened.

that kind of love you loved me,

it's no surprise that tears fall,

our hearts are meant to be broken.

a love with no future at all,

we should never even have spoken,

yet we struggled on with our love,

we worked to make things okay,

we blissfully ignored everything,

what everyone had to say.

we wanted things to work out,

so we tried and tried like crazy,

trying to save a love,

a love that was never meant to be...



by chris

I sit here day and night

Wishing with all my might

That one day you will see

How much you mean to me

You're like an angel sent from above

And I want you to trust me with your love

I don't see you everyday

But you're in my heart anyway

You're gentle, kind, and sweet

And I'm praying the next day we meet

You'll fall in love with me

And then you'll finally see

What I've been feeling all this time

Wishing you were mine.



By Chris

Without you without my eyes

How would I see your beautiful face?

Without my ears

How would I hear your sweet voice?

Without my lips

How would I feel your amazing kisses?

Without my voice

How would I sing to you?

Without my arms

How would I hold you?

Without my fingers

How would I touch your warmth face?

Without my legs

How would I run to you?

Without my mind

How would I dream of you?

Without my heart

How would I love you?

Where would I be?


Why I'm Here

by chris

I know that you are going through a hard time,

I wish I could be there with you.

I know how it must feel,

Because I have been through hard times too.

I know the feelings feel like,

They are more than you can bear.

That's why I want to let you know,

There is someone here who cares.

I may not be in the room next door,

Or even in your town,

But whenever you feel lonely,

I am all around.

Whenever you feel like nobody cares,

I care for you more then u know!

Whenever you feel like no one loves you,

I love you more then you know!

Whenever you need a hug,

I will give you the biggest hug you can take!

Whenever you need to talk,

I will listen with all my heart!

And whenever you need someone to get your spirits up,

I will try with all my strengh to make your spirts uprise.


You Are

by chris

You are my guiding star showing me the way

To a perfect world together

Your eyes are two stars shining in the bright of day

You are the girl I want to be with forever

You are the one I pray for

I pray and thank God for you

I have all I ever wanted, and more

All of my wishes have come true

You are the only one I love

Deceit is something I will never do

You are the one that im always thinking of

No one else could ever replace you

You are the greatest treasure

That any one could ever find

And I'm the richest man

Because the you are mine

You are too good to be true

You are perfect in every way

I could not bear to live life without you

I will love you every night and day

You are so good to me

You love me and always care

You help me up when I'm off my feet

When I need you, you are always there

You are so special and I love you

And I want you to know

Never will I leave you

You are too perfect to let go


You Should Know

By Chris

Electricity and lightening

Running through my veins-

Ever since that moment,

I haven't been the same.

The heat your touch sends through me

Could set my heart on fire.

Every second spent lost in your eyes

Takes me soaring that much higher.

I can't explain the feeling

That your sweetness gives to me,

And there's so much more inside you

That I have yet to see.

The way you looked at me

Like you just might even care

Got me caught and then I fought

Not to hold your stare.

But everything about you

Leaves me wanting more,

And it's everything about you

That I can't help but adore.

So much passion in your being

Makes me wish that I could feel

The power in your existence

That makes you beautiful and real.

I don't know what you're thinking

Of things between us two,

But I know whatever happens

You'll still be the same great you.

Nothing makes me question

Why I feel this way,

You're all that I can think of

Every second of the day.

Each glance and touch you gave me

Meant more than you could know,

But I don't know your feelings,

I don't know how much to show.

I hope that you can luv me

In some way, somehow,

And in your gentle heart somewhere,

My luv you can allow.

If this is too much to say so soon,

I'll calm down and take it slow,

But I just have all these feelings

And I thought that you should know.



By Chris

Lost in you

Is how i strongly feel?

I don't show you

Because i don't know

If my feelings are real.

You loving me

But me not knowing if I can love you

Confuses my heart

Because I don't know what to do.

You showed the love for me

That you had for so long

But me loving you back

Is the part that's going wrong?

How am I supposed to tell someone?

Something that's hard to explain

Without telling you

Just brings my heart more pain.

I've tried to say

That I'd rather be your friend

The kind of relationship

That, for sure, will never end.

I don't know how to say this

But I hope you'll understand

That you can be my friend

But just not... my woman.

Sorry but my feeling are not the same


Your tender touch

by chris

I feel your tender touch,

your fingers running through my skin and soul.

I feel your tender lips,

as they kiss my shoulder and my heart they stole.

I feel your constant stare

and your eyes as passionately at me they glare.

I feel your precious hand holding mine,

and your craving body locked to mine.

My arms are hungry and search for you

and when they finally feel you and hold you tight,

I'm sure I'll be dreaming of you all through the night,

because I know I have you and you know you have me.